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In New York City, beggars are disappearing one after another, only to be found burnt alive. Meanwhile, a Y-shaped scar forms in the palm of the hands of seemingly unrelated people. With the police and the media giving little attention to these events, Henry White, a young and rich heir dedicated to a charitable organization, and his friend Cooper, are the first to investigate these disappearances. They are two of the three playable characters in Yesterday, the third being none other than the enigmatic John Yesterday, who is dragged into this incredible story after his memory is completely wiped.


This is the starting point of a brand new adventure from Pendulo Studios, which will drive you into a dark story full of twists and turning points, and give you the chance to choose between 4 different endings! Choose who you want to control: Henry, Cooper or John in the game’s grand finale and leave the closing at your will! Do you want justice to win? Would you prefer a crooked ending? Or rather an unexpected, jaw-dropping one?
It’s up to you!

After having left its mark in adventure gaming with its million-selling trilogy Runaway and more recently with The Next BIG Thing, Pendulo Studios delivers its newest adventure: Yesterday. Though its unique graphic style, trademark of the Spanish developer, has not been left behind, Pendulo has now given up comedy for once and is offering an original and dark adventure.

There’s only one thing that you can expect in Yesterday: the unexpected. There’s a surprise behind every corner and the most insignificant action can trigger a chain of events that will make you fall off your chair!

This amazing adventure, with a unique, dark sense of humor, will take you from New York to Paris to the Scottish landscape and even to the snowy peaks of Tibet, as tension grows. Solve dozens of mysteries and riddles through the dark story line full of twists and surprises.
Meet and interact with a cast of colorful characters…
Now, sit down and enjoy Yesterday!


  • The new adventure game from the creators of the million-copy seller, the Runaway saga.
  • Production, graphics, voice acting and soundtrack worth a great animation movie!
  • Solve dozens of mysteries and riddles, through a dark story line, full of twists and surprises!
  • Meet and interact with a big cast of colorful characters.


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Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Pendulo Studios
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: March, 2012
Available on: PC, Mac, iOs
RP-T+ for Rating Pending, Targeting a Rating of Teen or Above


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